Friction plates are the heart of the clutch and take the most abuse, wear and tear. DP clutches are designed for off-road use only and use friction compounds that outperform the original equipment plates. A key to extended clutch life is to ensure that the correct grade of oil is used and to change it regularly.

One big advantage of DP friction plates over others is that they do not require soaking in oil before fitment. Using DP clutches, the rider should notice a smoother power delivery off the line and extended life compared to most other off-road products.

DP only uses steel plates for the pressure plate. We recommend steel instead of aluminium as in our experience, steel plates keep oil cleaner, provide increased inertia and smooth power delivery. Steel lasts three times longer than aluminium plates.

DP clutch springs differ from most of their competitors in that we do not provide heavy duty springs. Heavy duty springs tend to produce a heavy lever feel and excess wear to the clutch actuation mechanism and are often used to compensate for average quality friction materials. Our springs are designed to meet the power characteristics of the particular engine and offer durability with a superb lever feel

Fits 450/530 EXC 08-10

Product Code: DPK213
Price: £89.99

Should be Dispatched in 3-4 Working Days
Any further delay and you will be notified.

450/530 EXC CLUTCH

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