The repair kit is a two-component-epoxy risin. Curing: At room temperature. Higher temperatures accelerate curing. Applications: Especially made for steel applications, but also suitable for other metals, wood, concrete ceramic, glass and a wide range of plastics. The steel stick resists against oil, fuel, diesel, batteryacid. Instructions for use: For best results, surface should be dry, free of dust and grease. Cut a sufficient amount of glue and knead it approx. 1 minute, until the colour is uniform. Use it within 2 minutes. Even if you should not feel adhesion, please keep the glue under pressure. Remove excess (squeez-out) of product. In case of wet surfaces or usage under water keep it under pressure until feel beginning strength. In order to get a flat and uniform surface, smooth it with wet fingers. Finally clean your hands carefully with water and soap. Curing will start after 5 to 10 minutes. After 60 minutes already, the repaired parts may be used again.

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