Progressive handlebar clamping supported by elastomers. Absorbs engine and chassis vibrations. Dampens hard, whipping impact. Maintains steering precision. Adjustable handlebar position due to the modular design. Handlebar dampening in the directions of the arrows . Tuned by exchangeable elastomers individually adjustable.
PHDS Bar pad : SXS07250800
PHDS can be not mounted when steering damper ( 77012005000, 58512050000 oder 58512050100 ) is already used .
Should be only mounted with SXS or SX CNC machined tripleclamps .
Not usable with forged tripleclamps .


GREEN (SOFT) - SXS05125203


RED (HARD) - SXS05125205


Product Code: SXS07125200
Price: £156.78

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