Akrapovic "Slip-on Line"

The material and workmanship on this slip-on Akrapovic silencer are just what you would expect from high-end main silencers for large bikes. The ultimate in style, sports sound and really easy to fit:

  • Stainless steel outer sleeve and internal parts: optimum combination of weight saving and durability
  • Including tailored engine mapping
  • Without catalytic converter

The following parts cannot be used with this exhaust system:

  • 61029055244 / 90229955044 Bobbins for rear wheel stand
  • 90110945000 Crash pad set

FITS DUKE 390 2013-16, RC 390 2014-15

Product Code: 90805979044
Price: £480.60

Should be Dispatched in 3-4 Working Days
Any further delay and you will be notified.