Whether it is for a trip to the far corners of the world or a long distance race, the 25-litre capacity, slim-line tank cuts down on refueling stops a big time-saving advantage over long distances. This elegantly designed tank blends perfectly with the tubular frame of KTM Enduro and motocross bikes and does not disturb their characteristic light silhouette.The 25-litre tank allows the rider plenty of freedom of movement while the large side flanks offer additional support for the thighs when going into a corner. The bike is also easily manoeuvrable when stationary

SX 125/450/525 04-06
EXC 125/200/400/450/525 04-07
Does not fit on 250 EXC-F 07.

A new seat will be required for models who are using standard

13 liter tank 5900701320004A : 548.07.040.400

Product Code: 5900701370004
Price: £416.70

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