This brand new, superlight and fully adjustable stabilizer mounts
underneath your handlebars. Offers an added level of control
and comfort, particularly when the speeds increase and the
track becomes more technically challenging. The only version on the market where you can still change the handlebar position .

For mounting on SX/EXC/SXS models .

Follwoing mountings kits are necessary :
81212005344 bracket
77012005044 clamp for EXC tripleclamps ( 59001034120 )
77012005144 clamp for SX tripleclamps ( 59401034019, 5940103401920, 5940103401930 or 5940103401988)
77012005244 / 544 clamp for SXS tripleclamps

Product Code: 77012005000
Price: £393.12

Should be Dispatched in 3-4 Working Days
Any further delay and you will be notified.