FMF Fatty pipe
35 years of racing experience: The FMF factory exhausts are specifically designed for the hard life off-road. That is why they are made of high quality, extra strong and durable steel. The nickel-plated, stainless and polished surface ensures the classic look; for years.
Other characteristics include:

  • Broader, smoother powerband
  • Higher speed
  • More traction, better throttle control
  • Complete with o-rings

For a system with optimized performance and perfect balance we recommend the combination with a FMF Factory or Six Days main silencer.


125 SX 2016
125 SX 2017
125 SX 2018

125 XC-W 2017
125 XC-W 2018

150 SX 2016
150 SX 2017
150 SX 2018

150 XC-W 2017

Product Code: 50405907000
Price: £250.02

Should be Dispatched in 3-4 Working Days
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