Graphic kit orangechrom-black

KTM is proud to introduce the""B crome"" printing process produced by Blackbird exclusive for KTM.

It is a new printing technology to produce graphic kits for motorbikes.
So far never used in the motorcycle field, ""B crome"" is absolutely new.
Is the first and the only one to use this special printing on motorcycles.
These new KTM graphic kits combine the ""B crome"" technology with the ""crystall"" material.
So they have - at the same time - a quite big resistance from the wear and an extraordinary brightness (colored mirror effect!) so far impossible on an off road bike.
KTM is the fist motorcycle producer having this kind of stickers in its Powerparts range!
Fits on 690 Enduro , 690 Enduro-R and 690 SMC .
Product Code: 76508999100
Price: £150.96

Should be Dispatched in 3-4 Working Days
Any further delay and you will be notified.