C4 Helmet
High-quality touring flip-up helmet
Effective ventilation system
Reflective transfer prints for greater safety
Lightweight due to fiberglass shell
Optimum protection due to multi-part EPS core
Optimum safety and fitting due to two different shell sizes
Micro lock ratchet lock
Seamless, removable, washable, moisture-repellent and anti-bacterial side padding and lining
Anti-roll-off system
ShinyTex® interior
Extremely quick and easy visor change thanks to innovative visor mechanism
Integrated sun visor
Pre-installed, non-misting pane
High-performance aerodynamics
SC-1 System™-ready
Made exclusively for KTM by Schuberth
Integrated antenna, loudspeaker and microphone
31 % polycarbonate / 18 % fibreglass / 18 % other / 14 % Duroplast / 12 % foam rubber / 4 % steel / 1 % polyester / 1 % polypropylene / 1 % polyethylene

Product Code: 3PW190004901
Price: £510

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