Perfect all-round boot for all types of offroad sport
Abrasion-proof and impact-resistant TPU protectors on shin and calf
Rubber heat protection laminated with aluminium
Integrated TPU protectors protect ankle, metatarsus and toes
Reliable fastening system with four light-alloy buckles and metal springs
Top and bottom reverse fastener
Replaceable kickstarter insert on the right
Stainless steel heel and toe protection
Soft, water-repellent TPU gaiter
Outer skin made from abrasion-proof and rip-resistant microfibre material
Breathable, anatomically preformed mesh lining
Non-slip two-component sole with replaceable insert
Sole with anatomically shaped, hardened steel insole
Exclusively for KTM by Alpinestars

Product Code: 3PW1520501
Price: £364.68

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